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The following scores are available for public performance, listed in order of most recent. Links for recordings and published works have been included where possible. All remaining scores are available via direct enquiry.

Recitative (2020)

for flute and piano, 5 minutes


Postlude VI 'Duel' (2020)

for two violins, 3 minutes


Bagatelle (2020)

for string quartet, 6 minutes


A Cradle Song (2020)

for voice and piano, 3 minutes


Regret not me (2020)

for voice and piano, 5 minutes


Missa Suessionensis (2020)

for choir and organ, 12 minutes


Roadrunner (2020)

for orchestra [ perc/pno/strings], 6 minutes


Song 'Stay, stay at home' (2019)

for choir, 4 minutes

New England Postcard (2019)

for choir, 6 minutes


Recognition (2019)

for soprano (or tenor), clarinet, violin, cello and piano, 6 minutes

  • also available in a version for soprano (or tenor) and piano


Nearer, My God, to Thee (2019)

for solo trumpet and strings, 10 minutes

Web of Evil (2018)

for large ensemble [ perc/hp/pno/], 9 minutes

Land of Dreams (2018, rev. 2019)

for choir, 7 minutes

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis 'Fauxbourdons' (2018)

for choir, 5 minutes

Available from Crescendo Music Publications

The Lord's Prayer (2018)

Introit for choir, 2 minutes

Available from Crescendo Music Publications

Turning (2017)

for orchestra [ perc/hp/strings], 9 minutes

The Well-Tuned Chorister: 24 Psalm Chants (2017, rev. 2018)

for choir (with optional organ)

Lacrimae (2017)

song cycle for tenor and marimba, 25 minutes

Oboe Sonata (2017, rev. 2018/19)

for oboe and piano, 15 minutes​

Nativitie (2016, rev. 2017/18)

Christmas Anthem for choir and organ, 5 minutes

Available from Crescendo Music Publications

Gravitations (2016)

for chamber orchestra [ perc/pno/ strings], 5 minutes

Coventry Carol (2015, rev. 2018/20)

Christmas carol arrangement for choir and organ, 4 minutes

Available from Crescendo Music Publications

Set me as a seal (2015, rev. 2017/19)

Introit for choir, 3 minutes

Versicles, Responses and The Lord's Prayer 'Trinity Responses' (2015)

for choir, 4 minutes

Postlude IV 'De Natura Tempus' (2014, rev. 2018/19)

for solo percussion, 4 minutes

Variations for string quartet (2013, rev. 2015)

for string quartet, 8 minutes

Résonances (2011)

for solo carillon, 5 minutes


Further recording and performance tidbits can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube.


Click on the album covers below for more information.

Coming soon (due for release over the ne

Featuring Land of Dreams (2018). Image courtesy of Acis Productions.

Been sitting on this news for a couple o

Featuring Nativitie (2016) and Coventry Carol (2015). Image courtesy of Acis Productions.

And it's a wrap! Four days and countless

Recording sessions for Beneath the Incense Tree. Christopher Watson and the Choir of Trinity College, Melbourne, December 2017.

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